Why the World is Using WordPress

WordPress is a CMS that can produce an immense value for your company and for your personal website. It is an extremely intuitive and efficient platform when used for adding content or updating a site. With the number of free tools, plugins, interesting paid extensions and intuitive templates made for WordPress, you can easily start and manage a website through this world class CMS. Beyond that, Boston Web Group can develop “on top of” WordPress, giving you custom WordPress themes and custom WordPress plugins. Did we mention that it is free? It’s free to download, install and use!

An open-source CMS like WordPress means that it is a community software. Anyone (typically developers) is able to maintain and grow WordPress by creating extensions, writing plugins and creating themes or new software items that work in conjunction with WordPress. Any skilled user can add new features and share these features across the community to potentially help out a business or to fix underlying issues with a particular element of the CMS. This open sourced nature ensures that changes can occur on-the-fly, you can have limitless options for extensions and you can share some of the time-saving tricks that you have created with WordPress too. Open source CMS is budget friendly and very easy to update with the wealth of community knowledge.

We recommend using a platform like WordPress because it is budget friendly, customizable and it can be easily updated down the road. WordPress also offers:

  • safety and security
  • easy manageability
  • support of all media
  • customization

To run WordPress, all you need is a domain name and web hosting. We can offer you both! If you haven’t already purchased a domain name, you can go to our website and do so there. When your website is built, it needs a place to live — that’s where hosting comes in. We offer hosting with different packages for a support plan. Check out our website for more information.

If you’ve never used WordPress before, don’t worry. It is easy to use and easy to learn. After building your website, we offer FREE* WordPress training. Plus, we’re always around to answer your support tickets. Let Boston Web Group design you the perfect website!


*One-time 30-minute training; longer trainings available upon request