Project Description

With massive providers like Trulia and Zillow – it’s clear that there is a huge market for providing the real estate sector with online tools. Technology like BWG IDX and services like has helped to re-define the way brokers and realtors use technology within the real estate industry.


YouGotListings is a basic service for brokers and landlords with a simple, easy to use rental listings management software. Our Wordpress Plugin for YouGotListings is an amazing way to integrate your listings right into your existing wordpress site. Find out more about them here:

Real Estate Websites that use Wordpress

YouGotListings for Wordpress

Boston Web Group has developed a simple yet powerful Wordpress plugin for YouGotListings. Our plugin is called YGL-WP (yeah, not the sexiest name) but it does integrate your service from flawlessly into your Wordpress.


What is YGL-WP ?


YGL-WP is a custom Wordpress plugin that integrates your Rental listings on YouGotListings account with your Wordpress site. Why is this helpful? This makes managing your website’s look, appearance and content – much easier. We also offer amazing Wordpress Hosting.

Are you a realtor using “You Got Listings” looking to update your website? Now may be the chance to move to Wordpress, and benefit from it’s many advantages. Perhaps you’re a larger company looking for an advanced Realtor platform, like BWG IDX.

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Looking for something custom? We can do that! Call us, we’d love to hear about what you’re looking to do so we can make improvements to our Wordpress Plugin for YouGotListings! Consult us today – and let us know more about what you need.
Otherwise, these are our “off the shelf” options for integrating YouGotListings into your Wordpress.

YGL for Wordpress

  • Integrate You Got Listings
  • Your Wordpress Site
  • Free Integration

YGL + Managed WP Hosting

  • Integrate You Got Listings
  • Managed Wordpress Site
  • 1 Hour Free Support

YGL + Managed WP Hosting

  • Integrate You Got Listings
  • Managed Wordpress Site
  • 1.5 Hour Free Support

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