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Wordpress Training

Boston Web Group provides a number of valuable digital services, such as conceptual design for Creative Branding, Website Design & Development, and Internet Marketing & SEO. We also provide a subset of Training Services, including live educational CMS sessions, Joomla tutorials, and live Boston Wordpress Training – designed to help you understand how to leverage your CMS website.

Boston Wordpress Training

Learn Wordpress Quickly

Our Wordpress Training is extremely helpful, because we laser focus on the areas that matter most to you. Whether you’re writing a blog, starting web design business, or building a website for your own business, Wordpress Training will help you get the most out of your WordPress.

Due the popularity of Wordpress Training, we’ve added an additional location on the North shore, here in Wakefield. Although most of our Wordpress Classes are completely virtual – we still do offer live and in person Wordpress Training, group training, company overviews and on-site Wordpress sessions to help you learn Wordpress.

Boston Wordpress Classes

Wordpress Basic: An essential 100 Minute discussion about fundamental Wordpress features, demonstrations, and admin panel.
Wordpress Focus: Laser focused Wordpress training for your specific issues, plus a 30 minute follow up for the questions you missed.
Wordpress Training at our Newbury St office in Downtown BostonWordpress Company: An onsite 2.5 hr employee Wordpress training for your staff, up to 5 people, with a question & answer forum.


Wordpress ClassesComplicated tech books are outdated as quickly as they are published. Searching Google for answers to your WordPress questions can waste too much time.

Learn WordPress quickly, and get answers from experts who use it every day.

Wordpress Wednesdays was once the original Boston Wordpress Training advertised on Entercom radio stations throughout 2012-2013.

Boston Web Group provides solutions for building, maintaining, and understanding highly functional business websites. We will help you take WordPress far beyond the blog.



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