Social Networking Community

If your like most people, your probably tweeting about your facebook comment on your myspace photos.

Social Networking websites are popular, and here’s how you can benefit from the trend.

Ask yourself these Questions

  • Do you have an idea for the next
  • Do do wish to attract, capture, and cultivate a niche audience?
  • Do you have the audience, yet require segmented user groups and profiles?
  • Do you want to be able to easily advertise and research your niche market?

Start a Community!

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you may want to consider having your own social networking community, you’ll have an advertising power that rivals Direct Mail, at a fraction of the cost.  For constant communication, its simple and easy. For Market Research, its priceless.

Attract, Connect, and Cultivate

If you already realize the value demonstrated by SMN, you should be heading over to send us quick contact, and request a discovery form. Describe your custom social networking platform, and your target audience, and we can build you a magnificent digital metropolis in creative and efficient manner. Just tell us some specifics. After that, it’s a fun and easy process to watch your community become built, grow, and flourish.

You can create any type of community you can imagine..

While you ponder the possibilities..

Lets take a look at some of the notable features:

  • Connect, captivate, and cultivate a Member Base of any type, size, or genre
  • Mobile friendly, PHP driven community software
  • Each member has their own editable profile
  • Members can provide infinite amount of personal information on signup
  • Members can upload Photos, Videos, write Blogs, and Rate other members
  • Admins can collect cell phone numbers and send SMS text blasts to all users
  • Admins can run Polls, Surveys, and Questionnaires for members
  • Users can be notified via text message of activity on their page
  • Users can collaborate on activities and post events
  • Members who are signed in can chat live
  • Full email communication capabilities with inbox.

Community driven websites are a great solution for Marketing your message with proven effectiveness rivaling that of Direct Mail.

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