With pay as you go websites, you receive your entire website, custom built for you, upfront without paying the full fee.

You can benefit from further savings on our already low prices and high quality products with full support for the life of your account with us.

Pay-as-you-go websites require only a 399.00 for setup with a monthy fee that can range from 40.00/mo to 100.00/mo.

The monthly fee can range based on the specific services that you want.   For instance if you require a custom calendar application, e-commerce capability, or a business listing links directory for your partners, this will incur a fee of 20.00 per month for tier 1, 40.00 per month for tier 3, and 60.00 per month for tier 3 add-ons.

Example:  Your local club (i.e. VFW Hall) has 70 members and searching for a way to make revenue.  We provide this group with a website and tier 3 business listings links directory, so that your web traffic may signup and advertise thier business on your site.  Our fee is 399.00 setup with 80.00 month fees. The club will charge online visitors, with a shopping cart, for any business listings entered on the website for 100.00 each.  This revenue pays for your website and has amazing potential to create a profit.

Please contact us for a list of our offered tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 add-ons, as we constantly update the list.

Boston Web Group can also create custom add-ons for any business application that you have. Depending on what you need for add-ons, your website fee will vary.