Massachusetts Becomes First State To Enact Right to Repair Bill

Victory on Right to Repair

Big Win for Independent Car Repair Shop Owners !

Right to Repair Passes Legislature is Signed by Governor Patrick

Dear Consumer or Repair Shop Owner:

Massachusetts is now the first state in the country to pass a Right to Repair bill into law, which will ensure independent repair shop owners (and car owners) to obtain ALL the information necessary to fix your car. It also protects your right to get your car fixed where you want, instead of being at the mercy of the big dealers.

We want to tell our lawmakers we appreciate their efforts to give consumer’s a big victory! Well done.

This is a business opportunity for your shop. We are available to work with local car repair shops – just like you, that want to advertise their business across the information super highway, complete with sophisitcated websites, and the ability to sell cars on your website. When you use 365 inventory system, you can upload your cars that you are selling to your website, and also simultaneously feed them to 100’s of other sites, including autotrader,, and other large auto sales websites.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to kick your business into high gear!


The Boston Web Group Team

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