Doing Good is Feeling Good -Save The Cats!

We found this to be a reputable site doing admirable work, helping to heal and rehabilitate helpless animals.  We made a small donation, and we hope that you will to.  Do good, feel good, live happy!


36 Bacon Square, Plainville, MA, 02762 ~ Message Center: (508) 203-4240 ~


Dear Boston Web Group,

Please accept our sincere thank you for your very generous donation of $####
to Angelcat Haven Inc. Feline Rescue!

Angelcat Haven is an all volunteer, non-profit feline rescue dedicated to getting stray cats off the street and providing them a safe HAVEN, food and medical care until they can be adopted into their forever new homes. Since our inception in November of 2006, we have been able to rescue over 669 stray and abandoned cats, kittens and pregnant moms. And have placed 592 in their forever homes.

Our success is greatly due to very generous supporters such as you that believe in the good that we are trying to accomplish and make monetary donations to help us fulfill our mission. We look forward to your continued support.

On behalf of Angelcat Haven and the special kitties that we serve, thank you for your support!

Best Wishes,
Angelcat Haven Inc.
Feline Rescue
“Havens have no boundaries”





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