BWG Noted As Honored Business on Angie’s List

Speaking of people with a list, how about Angie? It’s not exactly Craig’s style, but we do see CL following this model in terms of monetizing the user base. We like Angie’s list, it’s basically a website where housewives can feel 10% more comfortable about who they source from the internet based on reviews and the fact that they can call into Angie’s list and complain. If there’s one thing we know about this business and those customers; they need a lot of hand-holding and story time, and that’s just what we provide very well. When we add in our normal “over delivery” we end up with ecstatic, long-term customers and great reviews. We’re ready for you Angie – put us on top of your list!

Anyway, we’ve been noted by Angies List for great reviews and great service. Check out our listing on Angie’s list here.


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Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at
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