3 Digital Marketing trends in 2022

Here is a look at 3 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Needs to Master in 2022

The world continues to go digital – are you keeping up the pace? If you want to succeed as a business in 2022, it is essential that you master the digital marketing sphere.

Digital marketing has evolved over the past several years and will continue to diversify in 2022. There are many ways businesses can use digital marketing strategies to attract new customers, keep loyal ones satisfied, and drive sales up.

In this article, let’s break down three key digital marketing trends that took off in 2021 and are poised to become even more critical over the next year.

Trend #1: Video Marketing Still Reigns Supreme

One of the most critical digital marketing trends in recent years has definitely been video marketing.

Video content has exploded on social media platforms, and brands are investing more than ever to produce short, engaging videos that make their products or services appealing to customers. It seems that Video Production has created a cost barrier for entry. Many smaller companies do not have the funds to afford video content, which has drawn a division between small and large companies, allowing those who do have a budget to produce and publish high-quality video content, enjoying better search engine positions as a result.

A stunning 89% of digital marketing professionals report that video will be their main investment strategy for 2022.

Nearly everyone spends time on social media, and that’s where video marketing comes into play. While on-page SEO and paid advertising are still key, reaching your audience on social media is crucial for staying current.

With these statistics in mind, it’s clear that businesses should focus their efforts on producing video content that speaks to their audience and shows potential customers why they need your product or service.

Trend #2: A New Standard: Transparency and Social Engagement

Transparency and social engagement go hand-in-hand, and both concepts will play a crucial role in digital marketing strategies throughout 2022. These trends can help businesses establish their brands as trustworthy entities that consumers want to do. We’ve seen this with the rise of chat bots, social media campaigns, and apparent altruism.

Beyond video content, digital marketers report that they are focusing more on social engagement in 2022.

This goes beyond just posting often and engaging with various users. It’s also a good idea to participate in online communities or groups that share your interests – this will allow you to develop relationships with people who may be interested in your products.

Consider the rise of group chat apps such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, allowing groups with like-minded interests to engage easily across the globe.

By taking some time every day to interact on social media, businesses can boost their pages while strengthening their ties to their customers and finding ways to make them feel part of your community.

Trend #3: Artificial Intelligence Will Take the Lead

Finally, businesses need to be aware of artificial intelligence (AI) as an upcoming digital marketing trend.

While Google and other search engines already use AI in some capacity, this technology will become even more prevalent over the next few years as businesses work to stay ahead of the curve. The once rarely touched-on experiential marketing approach is now promising to transform, into a completely immersive digital 3d experience. Facebook is leading the charge, purchasing Oculus in 2014, and investing millions into the metaverse.

By using AI, businesses can better understand the way people search for their products and make their pages more visible when users search in this manner.

AI is more than just code – machine learning is leading the way in new software tools that supercharge digital marketing:

  • Chatbots to engage with customers
  • Social media planning tools to post at optimal engagement times
  • Copywriting AI that helps create creative posts and web copy
  • AI-driven paid advertising tools for online campaigns
  • Employee handbooks and training exercises

With AI boosting websites, Google searches, and digital marketing campaigns, businesses that invest in AI will be able to grow their presence online – even as search algorithms continue to change.

Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Businesses need to stay digital to find success, and digital marketing is the best way to keep their customers satisfied while reaching new audiences.

Video marketing will remain important through 2022, and we’ll continue to expand on our Boston Video Production service, but it’s crucial for businesses to also focus on social engagement strategies and start to plan on how to incorporate AI into their efforts over the coming years.

By mastering these three key trends over the forthcoming years, businesses can give themselves a competitive edge – and ensure that they remain at the forefront of digital marketing for years to come.